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19 Mar


Commercial Importing Services in Nigeria || March 20, 2020

When you trade in goods, whether it’s clothing or electronics or other wares, you probably want to bring in some product samples first before parting with substantial payments for a larger shipment. However, as you may already have buyers arranged for your products, you need to make a decision quickly after inspecting the samples whether or not to proceed with the full order. As an importer, you will benefit from using our Air Freight service as an option to import your samples into the Country (Nigeria). Air Freight is the preferred method of transportation in general for light imported goods and is also often used to transport sensitive or high-value cargo.


       Identifying your influencers and coming up with a story that is interesting, relevant and authentic that ladders back to qualities of your brand and then sharing that story as much as possible

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Tip 1 – Make customer experience a priority for the whole company!

To transform the culture of a business to one that is focused on enabling everyone to THINK and ACT in the interests of the customer, then everyone must be clear about the role they play in making that a reality. In practice, linking performance objectives and remuneration of every single employee to a continuous improvement of customer experience is the most effective way to achieve this.

(2)  Experience your customer and employee journeys

     If a business wants to transform its culture, then it is vitally important that its people at all levels understand how it FEELS to be a customer and to be an employee. The over used phrase of ‘walking in the customers’ shoes’ is one that must not just be said – it must be one that is genuinely and authentically applied.

To embed a customer centric culture, all leaders would regularly be meeting and speaking to customers. They would regularly be experiencing what the customer experiences to enable them to understand what works and what doesn’t work. Their understanding of what it feels like to be a customer will give them an inherently better ability to make customer focused decisions.

Yet it is just as important for leaders to understand how it feels to be an employee – to work on the front line to get a sense of how easy (or not) it is to be able to deliver the customer journey. It is also just as important for employees at all levels to have an appreciation of each other – to know what everyone does to deliver the end to end customer journey.

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